About our prints

Extra large 40" print edition by Tim Platt

Extra large 40" print edition by Tim Platt

All our printing and fulfilment is handled by The Printspace, the UK’s leading Fine Art and Photographic printers. Since opening in October 2007, the Printspace has enjoyed acclaim from both industry professionals and clients alike, firmly establishing itself as a best-in-class with a reputation in quality second to none.

The Printspace is certified 100% carbon neutral. 

Giclee versus C-type

Unlike C-types, which are continuous tone, chemical process prints, where colours are produced by a chemical reaction, the colours on Giclées inkjet prints are produced by applying pure pigment inks directly to the paper. As a result, you can achieve a wider range of colours (known as the gamut) with an inkjet process, especially the purer colours at the extreme end of the spectrum. So, if you have an image with bright punchy colours, and having those colours really stand out is an important part of the effect you’re trying to achieve, then you might want to choose Giclée over C-type.

Colour range

Like your home inkjet printer, professional Giclée printers use the CMYK colour process, except that they feature a multiple ink cartridge, 8 channel printhead based on the CMYK colour model, adding light magenta, light cyan and 3 levels of black. In combination with our bespoke colour profiles, our true Giclée prints deliver unrivalled colour accuracy with superior black & whites, exceptional colour gamut and sublimely smooth gradient transitions.

Archival quality

Giclée printers use a higher quality of fade-resistant, archival, pigment-based inks. When applied to high quality archival substrates, such as the gold standard papers we use: Canson Baryta or Hahnemühle cotton-based, acid free Rag papers. This results in an unbeatable archival lifespan of up to 200 years.