Curation inspiration

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Take a peek at my video moodboards! Sometimes it’s hard to visualise how prints will look when mounted and framed on your wall. So a moodboard can help to spark some inspiration.

A gorgeous image in a frame on your wall is not just decoration. Framed pictures are like windows. They are aesthetic focal points, to both look at and look through. They will be admired by visitors and may inspire conversations. They will enhance the positive energy within your home or workspace. They will last a lifetime and eventually become old friends.

Once you have identified an unsightly gap in your wall space, you have many choices available, which can quickly lead to indecision and procrastination. So spend a moment thinking about binary options. Vibrant colours or muted monochromes? A single big, bold statement or a group of smaller artworks? A gallery wall of symmetrically arranged minimal frames or a more informal selection of varied art, perhaps in different media and sizes? The bottom line is that whatever you do will be pleasing, and you will never regret the decision to invest in something beautiful for your everyday space. To begin with you will enjoy admiring your new acquisition, with an inner glow! Over time, it will become a valued part of the fabric of your environment, and promote a reassuring sense of continuity.

Your very first purchase will make you a collector. Each limited edition print is made on gallery-quality matt or light gloss art paper for unrivalled depth of colour and detail. It will arrive within days in robust recyclable packaging with a unique signed and numbered certificate of authenticity.

The art of creative curation

Four keywords to consider are colour, contrast, combination and cohesion.

Colour will attract the eye, vibrate with energy and give your space focal points. Try placing vibrant colours against more muted background palettes to enhance contrast and make them pop. Sometimes a dark image will look more subtle on a dark background , or vice versa. Monochromatic images will look great when paired together to create a serene sense of balance and calm.

I tend to combine like with like to create cohesion. So a group of artworks might follow a similar theme in terms of palette, composition or subject matter. Images created as a series will work well when hung together.

Although really there are no rules. Or at least if there are, they are there to be broken. The point of buying original limited edition art is that it becomes an outlet for your self-expression. You are making your own decisions. Your art belongs to you. You become one of a small number of people in the world who own it, and how you choose to display it is entirely up to you!

Framed Botanical Opticals on a wall. Abstract floral fine art photography by Tim Platt
Framed prints of parrots on a wall. Animal portrait fine art photography by Tim Platt