Collection: Animals

The art of animal photography.

"Animals" is a collection of animal photography portraits by Tim Platt. Now available as limited edition fine art photography prints.

Tim Platt describes his stylised fine art studio photography portraits of birds and animals as beauty shots. These unique and iconic animal portraits use minimal abstract backgrounds to draw attention to the myriad levels of detail in Nature’s grand design. Fine details are often enhanced by studio lighting techniques.

Whether we are looking at a magnified spider, or a galloping horse captured at several thousandths of a second, it is the stillness of these photographs that gives us time to pause and reflect on the wonderful diversity of life on Earth.

4 limited edition prints are available: Small, Medium, Large & Extra Large.

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* Please note that some editions in the XL size are already represented in other galleries and priced accordingly. S, M, and L sizes are universally priced.

Close up photograph of a black panther's eye by fine art animal photographer Tim Platt from Tim Platt Fine Art Photography Prints