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Download on AppleTV. Relax with floral video art.

Pause, focus and relax with MoodlapseTV. A relaxation aid unlike anything you've seen on your TV before.

Or use it as an ever-changing artwork on your TV between shows!

Following Moodlapse for iOS, MoodlapseTV for tvOS is a simple way to promote relaxation via dynamic abstract floral patterns. Immerse yourself in gorgeous 4K time-lapse videos of real flowers blooming as they slowly evolve into colorful kinetic kaleidoscopic patterns. Enhance the experience with soothing 3D Spatial Audio soundscapes mixed in Dolby Atmos.

Music by: Sea Elegy

A real labour of love, these videos are based on over 1200 hours’ worth of my botanical time-lapse photography. For each flower, thousands of high-resolution stills are animated at different speeds to reveal a secret life of flowers that we don’t normally see.

Our modern world constantly bombards us with never-ending distractions and information overload.

So sometimes it just feels good to tap the pause button, and enjoy a quiet moment to ourselves.

MoodlapseTV can help with that. Choose from 12 high-resolution flower videos in beautiful 4K quality, created from over 1200 hours of time-lapse capture. The randomised kaleidoscopic patterns promote a sense of relaxation and wellbeing. These patterns are absorbing and visually stunning. They help us clear the brain fog and focus on something beautiful inspired by Nature.


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