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Burning fire tulip

Burning fire tulip

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Tulips came originally from Central Asia where they grew as a wild flower. They were first cultivated in Turkey around 1000AD and are still considered the national flower of Turkey, and one of the most popular flowers in the world. Today there are at least 3000 varieties.

Tulips were brought over to Europe in the 16th century by a biologist called Carolus Clusius. By the 17th century, they were so fashionable that ‘tulip mania” took hold in Holland which caused the price of the bulbs to skyrocket. At the peak of the tulip mania, the flowers were worth more than gold. It is generally considered to have been the first recorded speculative bubble or asset bubble in history.

They are the 11th wedding anniversary flower. They are also said to symbolise true love, rebirth and charity.

This image is blended from 30 separate shots at slightly different focus points to enhance clarity and definition at the largest fine art print formats. This is the only way to create pin-sharp detail from front to back when viewing close-up through a macro lens.

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Archival pigment prints are made on smooth matt Hahnemühle Photo Rag 308 gsm heavyweight art paper.

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Limited edition of 100

Image area: 9.6″ × 12″ // 24.4 x 30.5 cm

Final print size (incl. border): 11″ × 13.8″ // 27.9 x 35.0 cm

Overall size (incl. frame): 12″ × 14.7″ // 30.5 x 37.3 cm


Limited edition of 50

Image area: 12.7″ × 15.9″ // 32.8 x 41.1 cm

Final print size (incl. border): 15.7″ × 19.7″ // 39.9 x 50.0 cm

Overall size (incl. frame): 16.7″ × 20.6″ // 42.4 x 52.3 cm


Limited edition of 15

Image area: 24″ × 30″ // 61.0 x 76.2 cm

Final print size (incl. border): 25″ × 32″ // 63.5 x 81.3 cm


Limited edition of 10

Image area: 32″ × 40″ // 81.3 x 101.6 cm

Final print size (incl. border): 33″ × 42″ // 83.8 x 106.7