Textile designer Sue Maton on the Botanical Opticals exhibition

Tim Platt fine art Botanical Optical print

Sue Maton talks Botanical Opticals.

Sue is a textile designer who draws on both colour and symmetry when creating her complex patterns.

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Read all about it in her blog post via the link below.

"I loved this show. I loved it so much that one of the prints now hangs at the top of my stairs.

"The images in Platt’s work originate from photographs of individual flowers manipulated into intriguing circular  patterns and the work boldly presents itself as unapologetically beautiful; a softly spoken antidote to the noise of so much self-referential and self-conscious contemporary art.

"This is art to be gazed at and art to lose yourself in its ambiguities and visual complexities. Give yourself enough time and you’ll find your own associations in the micro and the macro; planets, whole universes, atomic structures, starbursts, snowflakes, celtic art, mandalas, the primal and the contemporary."


Tim Platt's Botanical Opticals solo exhibition at the Crypt Gallery in Norwich

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