IPA Awards Winner 2023

Tim Platt's International Photography Awards winning flower portraits series


I am very pleased to mention that for the second year running I have won a first prize in the prestigious IPA Awards! My Flower Portraits series has won first prize in the Professional Nature/Flowers in this year's International Photography Awards 

Created over this summer my flower portraits are part of a wider on-going project, all about observing nature's incredible details in close-up. The closer you get, the more you see.

When you magnify flowers you make heroes of them and appreciate them in a new way. Some of these flowers are only 20mm wide. When blended from many shots at different focal points I can achieve full depth of field in a way that is otherwise impossible when using a macro lens. Detail, form, texture and colour are emphasised in an almost hyper-realistic way. I like to think that these elements combine to create different personalities. This is why I call them portraits. 

Size featured: 30" Large (limited edition of 15 each) plus frames.

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